Let's just put it out there!!

One of my favorite quotes is..." If I am what I eat...does that mean I am fast, cheap, and easy?" Lucky for you that is not the way I feel about photography! I try to be relaxed, efficient, and shoot straight! 


    It will all start with a phone, email, or facebook consultaion. At first I want you to get a good look at my work. This is how I shoot :) I want you to be happy and know what images you are planning on getting back! I love fresh, clean, natually beautiful Photography. I do not like to over process and add a ton of layers to your pictures. I want to see YOU! Does this mean I do not edit....of course not! Just like make-up I will add a little here and there to make you look as beautiful or handsome as you feel!


   If you decide to work with me...YAY! I will do a couple cartwheels and then we will schedule your session! Upon booking, I will have you pay $25 (non-refundable) of your session to hold the date and then you can pay the rest before, or the day of your shoot. Afterward we will discuss your vision. Urban, traditional, vintage, or hey, I saw this thing on pintrest! Of course I will do my best to accommodate!